Mobile Audio & Video Services

Mobile Audio & Video Services

Mobile Audio/Video:

Tints & Tunes has the equipment and expertise to transform your vehicle into a true entertainment hub. With an extensive array of Kenwood products and models, you’ll get breakthrough performance and reliable service on any of our installations including:

  • Car Stereos
  • Subwoofers
  • Speakers
  • On-board navigation
  • Car alarms
  • Mobile Video
  • Satellite Radio
  • Ipod Car Accessories
  • Car Amplifiers
  • Subwoofer Boxes
  • CD & DVD Changers
  • FM Modulators
  • Remote Vehicle Starters
  • OE Integration Devices
  • Sound Deadening
  • Bluetooth
  • Cameras

To view additional products visit Kenwood Mobile Audio/Video

Original Equipment (OE) Integration:

Tints & Tunes In-Store Display
Tints & Tunes Car Portal Expansion Solutions are guaranteed to send you into a new realm of car entertainment. As an authorized Kenwood eXcelon dealer, we make sure only the best equipment is installed when enhancing your vehicle’s entertainment experience, and in many cases, at a lower cost than purchasing equipment directly from the retailer.

OE Integration and Cellular Integration are becoming increasingly popular and expanding their capabilities… and why not? Controlling your vehicle’s entire entertainment system from one central piece of equipment is not only more efficient, but also allows you to expand your system’s capabilities.

Tints & Tunes supplies and installs any Kenwood Car Portal Expansion Solution including:

  • Radio to OE system
  • Satellite Radio direct to OE radio
  • Video source to OE Navigation Screen
  • Amplifier to OE radio
  • Auxiliary into OE radio
  • Cellular or Bluetooth to OE audio system
  • Use of OE steering controls with new radio

For more information about Tints & Tunes OE Integration products Visit Kenwood Car Portal Expansion Solutions

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